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Someone ask me questions! pleaseee ! tres bored
1: Full name?
2: Current crush!?
3: Addiction?
4: How tall am I?
5: Relationship status?
6: Girls I trust?
7: Boys I trust?
9: Current mood?
10: Favorite color?
11: Confession;
12: Who I miss?
13: Who I last hugged?
14: Who understands me?
15: Someone who is always there for me:
16: Last Text?
17: Who’s a stranger:
18: Who makes me laugh the most?
19: Who I do the craziest stuff with?
20: Who makes me smile?
21: What am i listening to?
22: Turn on’s?
23: Turn offs?
24. Bestfriends?
26: Second confess?
27: What I hate?
28: Who’s annoying?
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Praise TEAM Free Summer Dance Drop-In. Held Every weekday 6-8 in DBYC from August 4 - August 18!

Dance choreographed by Michael Delleva 

Michael Delleva
James Tejada
Joanna Balois
Jesko Guiang
Angela Mendoza

Film & Editing: Charles De Jesus, James Tejada 

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Having someone to talk to every night is actually kind of nice.

Staying up late talking about pointless things in life and laughing about the randomest things. Struggling to stay up late but not letting them know how tired you are just to stay on the phone with them, until eventually one of you falls asleep. Just the feeling of having company and having someone to share your late night thoughts with. These conversations are the most unforgettable.  

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alexamadayag & jeromehocson


since grade 6<3

we’ve been through so much upss and downs, but were best of frieends <3 no, we may not be as close as before, but we got each others backs. thanks for everything guys, love you<3

Always <3

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